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“As he heightens the audience’s sense of complicity in his art, Soleimanpour makes a quietly persuasive case for theatre’s special power to foster empathy.”

— London Evening Standard

On March 13,  2021 to mark the anniversary of the shut down, from a prison in Mexico, to a local theatre in Pakistan, from Guatemala to New York, 120 producers across the globe put on White Rabbit, Red Rabbit at 8pm local time.

A similar event was held on March 2022. Please click here if you are interested to join our contact list for similar events.



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with Nassim

Right from New York

Recorded on 25th of January 2018 during the five month off-Broadway run of NASSIMtheplay in New York.

Welcome Tracy Letts to the Stage. 

Now, Say Goodbye.

"The show touches on a lot of things — storytelling, language, transcending borders and connection."


‘Refusing military service in 
Iran doesn’t make me a hero’

Following the success of NassimthePlay, Thom Dibdin interviews Nassim over a cup of tea. 

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