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Blind  Hamlet

Experimental Theatre

Premiered 2014

©2020 by Nassim Soleimanpour Productions

When the future starts looking black, what would you do? Travel the world? Reconnect with your family? Take up a new hobby?

In Blind Hamlet, Soleimanpour confronts the slow loss of his sight and the fact that he’s never read Hamlet. But with tragedy looming, he chooses instead to play with the truth and fiction, chance and fate.

A surprise-laden meditation on what it means to act and interact in a shrinking world, Blind Hamlet is theatre about choices in which the audience chooses. This wink murder-style performance has no performers, except for a Dictaphone and the audience themselves

Actors Touring Company's premiere production of Blind Hamlet was developed with support from the British Council and the Iran Heritage Foundation.

“A powerful statement on what is and is not required to play the Dane."

Herald Scottland




Nassim Soleimanpour

Ramin Gray

Previous Performances


Hackney Showroom, London, UK

Theater GROB, Copenhagen, Denmark


Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh, UK

Muzel National al Taranlui Roma, Undercloud Festival, Romania

The Curve, Leicester, UK

Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK

The North Wall, Oxford, UK

Gulbenkain, Kent, UK

Mac, Birmingham, UK

Cambridge Junction, Cambridge, UK

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Lincoln, UK

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