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Theatre Machine

What is a machine? A device that requires an input, has an automatic process, and results in an output.

Soleimanpour applies the theory of machines to his education curriculum where the courses themselves are "teaching machines." The ideas and creativity of Soleimanpour's students become the "input" for his automatic process. The output being, for a shorter process, an understanding of an "artistic machine," and for a master class, a fully conceived and written play.

Workshops and Master Classes include a combination of physical and verbal games that expand one's understanding of Soleimanpour's creative process.

One-Day Session

At the conclusion of a One-Day course, participants will learn what a “theatre machine” is and will dive into Soleimanpour’s personal process and some of the machine’s that he uses in his own writing. Participants will be taught smaller “machines” (games, activities, etc.) that can be combined and used together to create different creative machines. 

Three-Day Workshop

After a Three-Day Workshop, participants will gain a deeper insight into Soleimanpour's process. They will participate in Soleimanpour's smaller machines with the goal of creating an output of a partially conceived and written piece. This written work will lack the details and polish achieved in the Six-Day Masterclass, but will provide a rough foundation of a play. Those involved in the Three-Day Workshop will leave the experience having gained access to Soleimanpour's smaller machines with the ability to combine them into more complicated and advanced machines.

Six-Day Masterclass

The most in depth of Soleimanpour's courses, participants will leave the Six-Day Masterclass with a fully written and conceived play. Having learned and participated in Soleimanpour's creating machine's, everyone involved in the course will have had an influential creative voice resulting in the written work. Participants will also have mastered Soleimanpour's theories and methods to carry to their own future works. Hosts of this Masterclass will have the opportunity to produce this piece with the assistance of Nassim Soleimanpour. 

Online Course

Nassim Soleimanpour hosts 1-3 day online workshops where you can virtually participate in his creating machines, learning the basics of his process and new insight into how to write a play.

Interested in more details and pricing? Would you like to host or attend a course with Nassim Soleimanpour? Please contact us!

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